About Us

Ronald Edmonds Learning Center is part of Instructional Region 8 and is located in the Clinton Hill/Fort Greene Section of Brooklyn. We are pioneers of the Effective Schools Movement, with the philosophy that “Every Child Can Learn”. We utilize the Comer School Development process, as designed by Dr. James P. Comer, which includes effective leadership, community/ corporate partnerships, productive collaboration with all stakeholders (administrators, teachers, students, parents, and staff) and a shared vision with a clear mission in the community. 

Professional development is provided on the basis of collaborative instructional planning. Team planning time during school hours, on and off-site seminars, professional book clubs, colleague coaching and other peer support systems have enabled us to refine the pedagogical expertise of its faculty and staff. We continue to strengthen teacher’s ability to use data to support the instructional needs of our students. 

Mission Statement 
To motivate our urban children and develop tomorrow’s leaders through an accelerated curriculum of fine and performing arts, science, and technology. 

School Philosophy 
“We lift as we climb and leave no one behind”, is more than our motto, it is the philosophy we live by. We believe every child can become proficient learners when creative, committed and competent educators are given the opportunity to teach in a safe, nurturing and orderly environment. We believe that all of our children have the potential to achieve at high academic levels and our educational community is responsible for helping our students reach their potential. We intend to counter the tracking of urban children of color, which limits their options by creating an academically rigorous system and nurturing and developing students’ talents. We will give our students the best opportunity to gain admission to the top New York City high schools and eventually to colleges of their choosing; thereby, vastly expanding their future opportunities and possibilities.  

A Talented Community 
A selective school with an active arts program, MS 113 is a popular choice for talented Brooklyn kids. The large school is divided into three distinct programs performing arts, visual arts, and science/math each occupying a floor of the building and overseen by an assistant principal. In 2004, the longtime principal Katherine Corbett was replaced by Khalek Kirkland, a Brooklyn native and former teacher and assistant principal at the school. He is well acquainted with MS 113's culture and serves as a role model to the students. In 2010, Ms. Dawnique Daughtry-Pemberton was confirmed and the current principal of R.E.L.C.

The school attracts far more applicants than can be admitted. Competition for the arts programs is particularly keen; applicants must audition for them as well as take an exam. The Academy of Performing Arts offers instruction in dance, drama, chorus, and music, while the Fine Arts and Design program teaches painting and drawing as well as how to develop a portfolio of work. The Academy of Communication Arts and Technology Sciences sub-school centers on advanced science and math courses.  

The four-story sprawling brick building is in the heart of gentrifying Fort Greene. The building interior needs some sprucing up though many rooms are bright, cheerful, and well stocked with books and supplies. With a large proportion of African American students and teachers, the school decorates many classrooms with kente cloth and an African flair. We have a dance studio, with hardwood floors and mirrored walls. It also has an auditorium for the various productions it runs throughout the year. 

Popular public high school choices for MS 113 graduates are nearby Benjamin Banneker, Bedford Academy, and the Brooklyn High School of the Arts. Smaller numbers of students go to specialized high schools, particularly Brooklyn Tech and LaGuardia.  

RELC is included in New York City's Best Public Middle Schools. (Pamela Wheaton, November 2006)  “Attending this school was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life," writes a 1999 graduate. 

Academic Advisement Extracurricular Plan
Please download and review.
Our school is open to all NYC students, but preference is given to District 13 residents. In order to attend one of our sub-schools, students will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
  • For the Academy of Performing Arts (APA) for dance, theatre arts, band and vocals, student's grades, test scores, attendance and punctuality will be reviewed. Students will also have to take a diagnostic test and audition. Students may only apply and audition for one talent area in the Academy of Performing Arts. Please call for audition dates and times.
  • For the Academy of Computer Arts and Technology Sciences (ACATS), student's grades, test scores, attendance and punctuality will be reviewed. Students will also have to take a science and technology diagnostic test.
  • For Fine Arts and Design (FAD), student's grades, test scores, attendance and punctuality will be reviewed. They will also have to take a diagnostic and a visual art performance test.

Our 2015 Middle School Choice testing date is as followed:


Saturday, February 7, 2015


If for some reason, you are unable to attend the exams, please call the school for further instructions or special arrangements. 

If you are interested in learning more about our school, please attend an Open House, which takes place every Monday at 10 AM.

Please review and fill out the audition infomation.  Ticket is to be turned in to RELC the day of the exam.



Policies and Procedures
RELC wants all parents to be active and engaged partners in their children’s education. We encourage and welcome positive, respectful communication between parents, teachers and staff.

All students are to attend school everyday. Parents will be contacted for any absence that is not followed with a doctor’s note or other form of documentation.

School begins at 8:10 AM. Students will be marked late at 8:21 AM. Tardiness from class to class is unacceptable. Late students will remain in the cafeteria until the end of first period and remain in the cafeteria until the beginning of period two (9:25am). Consequences for lateness are as follows: 1st Occurrence, Parental contact; 2nd Occurrence, 1 + Parent must come in; 3rd Occurrence, 1 + 2 + Community service.

Uniform Policy
We believe students are less distracted and more focused when wearing a uniform. Our uniform policy is strictly enforced. Students must wear the following every day, or his/her parent will be contacted:
• While collared shirt long or short-sleeves button-down (no emblems!)
• Black pants or skirts (no dark blue)
• Black SHOES (Non-sneaker footwear)
• Regular belt buckle not more than 3 inches high
1st Occurence
• Call home, receive stock uniform piece
2nd Occurence
• Receive stock item/return to class. If none available, parent will be contacted for student to be sent home
3rd Occurence– Chronic Offenders –
• One-day in-house suspension
• Student may be sent home as per conversation with parent/guardian

Uniforms options for student w/o uniform:
Teachers donate “back-up” uniform
Parents bring uniform to school
Send student home after certain # of infractions (notify parent immediately upon 1st offense.)

RELC dress code policy (clothing should not be tight fitting or oversized, pants with loops must be belted, no shorts, no mini skirts, no spaghetti straps, no capris, and no pictures, symbols or imprints on shirts or pants/skirts.